A great way to take your candle with you. 100% pure beeswax candle in a 3 oz. jar with a glass lid.
This candle has a burn time of approximately 30 hours.


True Verbena is the queen supreme of oils and has the ability to calm and relax by its unique scent.

* Available Shapes:


2 heart shaped soaps – either lavender, geranium or palmarosa approx. 75 grams each.

One egg shaped beeswax candle and glass candle holder.

Reusable box.


What people said about us...

  • "A friend of mine recommended this soap for my acne. I use the soap on my face and it gently dried out my pimples. I use it every day and my acne has improved."

    L. Zigel, Israel

  • "A great pickup soap. I was on a plane to Boston and the lady sitting next to me said "what a great smell " and continued "what cologne are you using. Needless to mention that I ended up with her cell number."


  • “I use the patchouli soap just before I go to bed and it puts a great smile on my face because my wife loves the smell...”

    Eric, MA

  • "I came across Shearasoap accidentally. I was invited to a wedding and at the end they gave out her soaps as wedding favors. I used it and for the first time in my life I didn't sweat the whole day. A true 100% natural soap. Since then I have cut down on the cologne and still smell great."

    Josh, NYC

  • "Best soap I've ever used. Bar none."

    M. B.

  • "These are just right. Aromatic, creamy, soothing to the skin, high quality."

    N. J.

  • "As a man I never paid too much attention to soap. But Sheara's Soaps are something special! They have wonderful, natural scents, fantastic textures from smooth to coarse (that's really invigorating), and a terrific thick lather."

    Mark NYC


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